Facade (2013-)
Facade I (2013), C-type print, 59.44 x 39.62 cm

Facade is an ongoing photographic series I began in the summer of 2013 in my hometown of Tula, Russia situated two hundred km south of Moscow. Partly serving as a documentary project aiming to record the disappearing buildings of the Old Tula dating back to 1890-s and earlier when it was a merchant city and a rifle-making capital of the region, and partly a comment on wealth distribution and the lack ofeither governmental or private funding available for historic building restoration. Draping such as in these facades is used to cover up something unsightly, and in this case it can also be read a political strategy.

It is planned to exhibt Facade as part of my solo show at the TIAM - Tula Historico-Architectural Museum. The images will be blown up to match to match the size and material of architectural draping pictured here and displayed in both indoor and outdoor spaces of the Museum to echo their ongoing negotioations with the Tula City Council for a visible 'Museum' sign to be placed on the facade of the building, curently obscured by chicken wings and pharmacy advertisement.

Facade IV (2013), C-type print, 47.55 x 31.7 cm
Facade II (2013), C-type print, 58.43 x 37.82 cm
Facade III (2013), C-type print, 47.55 x 31.7 cm