Getting Close But Then Again Not Close At All* (2014), 5 mins 03 secs video documentation of a day-long live performance
Performers: Viviana Bianchini, Leslie Deere, Damien Giromella, Rosario Iacono, Malachy Orozco, Sofia Pilar, Chris Woltman.
Originally performed at One Day in the City Festival, UCL
Documentation and editing by Olga Koroleva
Text for performance PDF | Instructions for the participants PDF
Getting Close But The Again Not Close At All was partially inspired by the work of Giovani Piranesi and the image of a contemporary 'madman’. Performed at the UCL, the building designed by Jeremy Bentham known for his prison structure planning, the text repeated by the participants refers directly to the acts of watching and being watched addressing the Panopticon structure being the pre-cursor to contemporary cctv systems, as the video of empty stairs (see below) resembles exhibited at the UCL Art Museum prior to the live performance.
Getting Close But Then Again Not Close At All* (2014) single-screen video installation, 3 mins 10 secs, loop
*The title for this piece is a quote from a talk by Tim Etchells, Live Forever at Tate Modern