Patterns of Care (2018 -) ongoing research and moving image project

Patterns of Care is a research and moving image project which comes as an evolution of past three years of independent study and research into the subject of animal. At its centre is an examination of the co-evolution of interspecies relations by language, biology, and gesture taking as the starting point the image of the wolf.

Video excerpt here, please email for password.

The title Patterns of Care is formed by combining ‘practises of care’ in relation to both human and non-human animals, and ‘patterns of prey selection’. The latter refers to wolves' hunting techniques and was outlined at the final public event at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust by wolf enthusiasm Ian Redman who has over twenty years of working in the field and has travelled throughout the United States and Russia tracking wolves. In August 2018 the Trust has closed its doors to the public changing its status from 'zoo' to 'holding Dangerous Wild Animals Act' license, quoting the care needs of its aging director and of the wolves.

The project then branches out into looking at the techniques used at places of confinement for non-human animals, and the problems of normalisation of such places through written and spoken language. On it's journey, it also travels to Russia to document the Tula Exotic Animals Zoo, and places of care for humans, such as sanatoriums, that nonetheless presume a restriction in movement and freedom to choose own sustenance.