Suitcase (2010) documentation of performative action
Part of HomeBaseV residency, Berlin. Workshop led by Judith Siano
Image © Judith Siano / Tal Siano. Edited for website use by Olga Koroleva.
In this one-day workshop participants were asked to respond to the theme of finding home in a way that was resonant for them at the time. My contribution was led by the real hunger I was experiencing at that moment. I cooked myself a basic meal and sat down in the suitcase found amongst the objects offered for the workshop (sourced by the organisers via the German reposession depot) for the remainder of the workshop, eating, making myself 'at home' in this object. As this was an act during which I satisfied my hunger and did not perform one, I refer to this as a performative action signifying a real event, not a performance as art.
This work is included in the book Holy Junk by Judith Siano in the chapter on art and immigration. Get in touch with Judith to order your copy.