The Other (2016-22)

The Other is a body of work comprised of a performance for camera, a scent narrative, and a tale read collaboratively at a distance, all based on the poem Le Gars (The Kid) written by Marina Tsvetaeva in Prague in 1922. I first came across this poem in the essay Sexual Difference and the Love of the Wolf by Judith Still published in The Animal Question in Deconstruction (ed. Lynn Turner, 2013). This marked the point of my ersonal animal turn, and you can read about some of the early research here - Tsvetava's wolf / in wolf's skin [working title] R&D.

In 2019 I received the Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England to develop The Other as a multi-screen piece, plans which had to be re-thought in light of the world pandemic. This became The Stranger. A tale.

The Stranger. A tale is my adaptationn of Le Gars for younger audiences. It was written in 2020-2021 and developed as a way to deliver tailored artwork for home viewing, especially for families with children and young people, that is different to an online exhibtition or watching a film. It is an interactive experience accompanied by a scent narrative sent by post.
Read by Theophania Gangbo, Gra├ža Kotseva, and Orlando Gangbo.
Performance for camera of Le Gars, part one by Olga Koroleva and Latana Amari Phoung

The Stranger. A tale. Part one PDF

The Stranger. A tale. Part two PDF

Anyone can be part of this project - read the story by yourself before you read it to / with your kids. When you do, please make a recording, audio or video, and send it my way (link opens contact page). The video does not need to include participants' faces, or to be well-produced - it can be made very simply, on your phone, and feature your cat or the corner of your sofa. What is important is to capture your reading time together.

You can also order your own unique set of scent cards up until the summer 2022. Each one is different and will be made especially for you!
The Other development journey documentation - folds out at the end of this page